I just made a quick repository of all my articles related to ChatGPT. This is for myself and future reference, but you might find it useful too. I've also added articles about digital strategy and why such generalized deep learning AI is a game-changer for the business models of tech and digital. Finally, there are some external links and probably more elements to add in the next few months.


🚀 The acceleration fallacy
These last few days, there have been several comparisons about how fast ChatGDP reached 1 million users, and you probably caught a few of those. ChatGPT has crossed 1M+ users in just 5 days. To compare, it took Netflix 41 months, FB - 10 months, and Instagram - 2.5
🤯 Midjounrey, Chatgpt, and the pressure cooker effect of rupture innovation
All the recent commotion about midjourney, dall-e, stable diffusion or (even more recently) chatgpt is rather interesting. ChatGPT launched on wednesday. today it crossed 1 million users! — Sam Altman (@sama) December 5, 2022 The current hype illustrates perfectly the core laws of rupture innov…
🤖 A Photoshop for the mind...
Tim Rayner from Phase One Insight poked me recently to discuss an article on AI published at the beginning of the year. The article “The Third Magic” discussed many thorny concepts about AI and how us humans deal with knowledge, cognition, and power. Among (many) other things, the author identifies


🐯 Why AI is the new apex predator business model
With the seemingly sudden rise of artificial intelligence as the new thing that no one saw coming (‘sigh’), there are vast amounts of media reports, business theories, and plain drama that use words like “revolution,” “disruption,” “breakthrough,” “obsolescence” or even “apocalypse.” But, convenient…
🟢 The year the GAFAM could disappear. Special episode, ChatGPT
This week, a special episode in our GAFAM series about ChatGPT (hey, you knew it was coming 🤗).
🤖 Does an AI have the right to produce art?
Two weeks ago, a composition won the first prize at the Colorado State Fair. This composition wasn’t produced by an artist but by someone using Midjourney (a now notorious AI that generates images from text prompts). Scandal ensued. TL;DR — Someone entered an art competition with an AI-generated pi…
😱 The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat syndrome
In January 1896, the Lumières brothers had the first public viewing of a ground-breaking piece of technology. “L’Arrivée du train en gare de la Ciotat” (The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat) was a single non-moving fifty seconds shot of the mundane entrance of a train in a small
🙀 How to cook a cat and the cost of running ChatGPT
Getting my eyes away from the turmoils ChatGPT is creating in the innovation ecosystem is difficult. A week rarely goes by without one of our customers asking an interesting question about this AI model. This week I had quite an interesting discussion with a former MBA student on how ChatGPT


🤖 Using an AI mirror to check your brand
Among the gazillions of new applications that ChatGPT is currently offering, one that I’ve found quite amusing (and efficient) is checking how good your marketing is. How to do that? Simply by asking the AI to explain back to you your tagline, missions statement, or the name of your company:


AI Super-Powers, by Kai-Fu Lee – Innovation Copilots
Following my review of Radical Candor[https://innovation-copilots.ghost.io/radical-candor-by-kim-scott/], another summer’s reading I wantedto share with you is AI Super-Powers: China,[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AI_Superpowers]t[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AI_Superpowers]he Silicon Valley an…
🇨🇳 ChatGPT is fine, but China’s long-term AI race is not going away
While ChatGPT has been unleashed on the world, I started to read about European politicians and intellectuals demanding our version and asking why we couldn’t invent it. This amounts to discovering a jungle and asking that we plant trees immediately to catch up (‘sigh’). And while we are focused on
The remarkable Gary Marcus (one of the leading voices of deep learning AI skepticism) recently interviewed by Ezra Klein. 
In One Sentence, Nvidia’s CEO Explained the Real Reason ChatGPT Matters | The Motley Fool
“Generative AI” is a big deal, but not for the reasons the media is latching on to at the moment.
Every innovation race for the next 10 years will be (already is) about infrastructure
ChatGPT has thrown gasoline on fears of a U.S.-China arms race on AI
The race to develop the next generation of AI isn’t just between tech companies like Microsoft and Google — it’s also between nations, which are working furiously to foster and develop their own technology.
If you haven't got the memo, the title is "cold war". 
Generative AI: Perspectives from Stanford HAI
Generative AI: Perspectives from Stanford HAI
Many interesting topics, and notably "The Potentials of Synthetic Patients."
The Octopus Test for Large Language Model AIs
In 2020, before the current crop of large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT and Bing, Emily Bender and Alexander Koller wrote a p
Or why large language models don't "think."

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