It would be so easy to tell you that anyone can follow a simple path to innovate, but we'd be lying.

This is what we believe in...

#1 - Innovation is the change you bring to the market.

Patent portfolios or R&D expenditures don't define innovation. It's about the magnitude of market transformation you unlock. We believe a restaurant chain can be as innovative as a pharmaceutical company.

#2 - Always start with your culture.

Your culture has limitations and strengths. They must be acknowledged and leveraged. Contrary to textbook innovation frameworks, we understand that every company has a distinct culture. You're not Apple in 2007 or Toyota in the 1970s. One-size-fits-all innovation solutions don't exist.

#3 - There is no method.

Innovation is a contact sport. There is no reproducible method for innovating. No seven-step guide toward success, no expert IT system or algorithm to give you the best answer, no magical questions, and no typical journey. But they are efficient tools and heuristics that you shouldn't have to learn as you go. Just like with boxing, preparation is key.

#4 - Silos are for textbooks.

There is no siloed markets for innovators. Lucky we have a proven track record of delivering market and cultural changes across diverse industries, from SaaS to retail banking, luxury, biotech, and automotive. And we have the expertise to onboard customer-centric as well as engineering-focused teams to drive innovation forward.

#5 - Copiloting rather than advising.

No one knows perfectly what you should do and there's no on-the-shelf solution to your innovation questions. But whatever your project's size and ambition, the compounded experience of fifteen years navigating the treacherous waters of technology and market changes does make a difference. And we can save you time. A lot of time!