From rebooting the innovation culture of industry leaders to unlock how challengers transform new technology in performing business models, we work in markets ranging from consumer luxury to defence systems...

Since 2008, sharing our customers' success stories has been a challenge due to the inclusion of highly confidential strategic information. Moreover, in some instances, as we get involved in preparing the launch of highly competitive initiatives or the repositioning of whole segments of product lines, we deliberately refrain from publicizing any information. A small price to pay for the numerous exciting projects we've had the privilege of working on!

Here are a few examples we can report about some of our signature tailored game-changing strategies:


  • Design a complete framework of innovation KPIs for the recently created Innovation Direction of the French national energy provider EDF Group and foster adoption through the different entities and business units.
  • Build connections through the different design and innovation entities of Renault Group worldwide to accelerate the rapid prototyping capabilities of new regional mobility solutions.
  • Coach a high-profile Thales business unit on how to rethink its business model while launching a new version of its SaaS platform for critical business applications.
  • Challenge how UCB Pharma engaged in a data-driven initiative to solve rare diseases and refine their strategic positioning.
  • Train Airbus managers and executives on innovation for several years in dealing with risks and strategic uncertainties.
  • Build a 360° open innovation portfolio strategy for CHANEL Asia and collaborate regularly with the new digital service team in Paris on key projects.
  • Shape strategic messages with Merck Innovation Center stakeholders to onboard C-level executives on new strategies.
  • Build for a Saint-Gobain brand, a full-on design initiative aimed at creating premium services for B2B customers.
  • Work closely with the two executives in charge of a stealth business intelligence project at BNP Paribas to define a business model and prepare launch scenarios with target early adopters.
  • Deploy a worldwide mentoring program to foster cross-silos collaboration and reignite Worldline innovation culture after a merger.


  • Produce a benchmark and complete ecosystem report on worldwide Foodtech and Agtech for the Genopole biotech cluster to help them establish strategic worldwide collaborations.
  • Deliver strategic management training for the European Central Bank woman leadership program.
  • Design and operate an online training program on digital innovation and how startups operate for the French Agency for Ecological Transition and lead an internal entrepreneurship program based on these principles.


  • Coach Authentic Material and help them sign their first high-level contract for upcycling materials with top luxury brands.
  • Work with Instant System executive team to refocus their value proposition post-series A and focus on an EBIDTA-driven roadmap in the highly competitive mobility-as-a-service European market.
  • Reposition Geotrend business model after their spin-off from Airbus and help them clarify their core value proposition (€100M funded and now acquired by Chapvisions).

Small Giants *

  • Shape a new work environment strategy for Amaris Consulting executive board to retain key junior talents and reposition their services from cost-efficiency to commanding vertical markets through technical excellence.
  • Equip North Star Network's junior executive team with a sharpened mindset to deal with their high-stake, high-volume growth business of sports digital media from Paris to São Paulo.
  • Coach Collection Rivages' CEO on how to accelerate the premiumization of his high-end outdoor hospitality business while empowering his teams.

Most importantly? We can craft tailor-made, actionable strategies for you too.

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