All the recent commotion about midjourney, dall-e, stable diffusion or (even more recently) chatgpt is rather interesting.

The current hype illustrates perfectly the core laws of rupture innovation.

  1. Ruptures are fuelled by a type of Moore's law.
  2. Ruptures are created by outsiders and collision effects.
  3. Ruptures build up slowly and then suddenly appear by pressure cooker effect.
  4. Once seen, the turnaround is initially disregarded.
  5. After a while, ruptures become an overnight new normal.
  6. There are many ruptures invisibly building up in the background of any stagnating market (see 1.)
From "The Tao of Disruption" (one of my most successful 2021-22 webinars).

We are currently at stage 4, and along the way, we forgot that we were at stage 3 for many years.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains Google Duplex at Google I/O... in 2018.

Rupture is slow.

That the core market is now waking up to it is a clear signal. And we know what the next stage will be: overnight normalization. The only question is, what are you doing about it? As I shared many times when discussing this topic these last years:

Rupture innovation is what your customers never asked for, and they start asking out of the blue for you, at scale and with great urgency.
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