🟢 The year the GAFAM could disappear. Special episode, ChatGPT

This week, a special episode in our GAFAM series about ChatGPT (hey, you knew it was coming 🤗).

🟢 The year the GAFAM could disappear. Special episode, ChatGPT
Photo by Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash

While the newsletter this week was planned on Facebook, I got many requests to address the AI-chat elephant in the room. I already briefly discussed ChatGPT in December to remind you that, in the end, it's just "another tool." But when discussing Microsoft in this series of articles on the GAFAM in January, I was already forecasting how Microsoft will move into search more aggressively, directly competing with Google. And this, without most (any?) of the problems Google would face with a product such as ChatGPT.

What I was not forecasting was how fast Microsoft would swoop in and start integrating the conversational AI in Bing practically overnight.

So let's discuss this week what ChatGPT means for the GAFAM...

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