Last week we discussed how Google was deeply challenged by AI tools they cofounded and codeveloped but ended up passing on as it would challenge their core and unique business model.

🟢 The year the GAFAMs could disappear. Episode 1, Google
In this series of five articles, I will discuss each of the current GAFAMs as 2023 might be the year their reign of supremacy on our life, work, and social connection comes to an end.

This week, let's focus on Microsoft.

Episode 2, Microsoft

As many signals accumulate to indicate the reign of giant "tech" companies might come to an end, it's only fair to consider that Microsoft, as probably the most old-school one could be in the gravest danger.

A quiet portfolio company

If you remember how they barely survived the mobile revolution (as in "missing it entirely") and painstakingly rebooted itself as a software-as-a-service company since the arrival of Satya Nadella in 2014, you might not realize how well-balanced Microsft now is.  

Among the usual tech suspects, Microsoft is the only one that doesn't depend for more than 50% on one line of activity or product. They have a good spread of activity in the cloud, office applications, operating systems, and other connecting businesses.