I quietly took up the challenge of writing five articles a week for quite a few months now. This started when we decided to switch from WordPress (which became a bloated nightmare) to the delightfully efficient Ghost.

Every day, logging in, clicking new posts, and just starting to write is still a wonderful surprise to me. In contrast, WordPress felt like entering a minefield, not knowing if I would have to spend twenty to thirty minutes dealing with an obsolete plugin, a security breach, or paying an additional license to get better picture compression.

But I digress... What is also delightful for me now (and maybe for you too, you tell me in a moment) is that I can take one key topic, such as today's How platforms and big tech scale, and browse my Ghost admin to map my thought process on the issue.

So, platforms and big tech scaling? Let's jump in ‡️

First of all, let's remember that for successful platforms, finding success is always clumsy. In retrospect, we only remember how smart they've been while editing out said clumsiness, but the real story is always messier.

πŸ“ž ROCKR E1, the forgotten iPhone
Another summer video I wanted to dig out from the archives for quite a long time. Remember the first iPhone? No, not the 2007 one but the 2005 Motorola ROCKR E1... If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a seat and enjoy: This is maybe one of the

This is also a cautionary tale for our present. Never discount tech giants even when they go back to their initial clumsiness or when they seem to have reached the end of the road...