In troubled times, things and life don’t always make much sense. In order to bring you a humble speck of clarity about what you and others might be feeling, here is the second video in the #emotionsatwork series: the purpose of emotions.

I’ve been sharing about this for a while but thought a video might be clearer. Obviously understanding is not enough, but it is a good first step towards emotional empowerment. So you can see the purpose of emotions more obviously, I’ll try my best over the next few weeks to point out examples of emotions channeled at work, on Linkedin and other media, like this one:

A great example of constructive and powerful anger put to work to change the world. Thumbs up for Dianne Bevelander for using her anger energy, triggered by unfairness towards women, into creating #ECWO , its movement, research and sisterhood. #emotionsatwork

If you want to see other videos in this series, here are the direct links:

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