Building emotional strategies

Emotions at work
Emotions at work – Mechanics of emotions

In this part 4 of #EmotionsAtWork video series, I am sharing a « method » or approach to identifying current emotional patterns in order to start building new ones. Creating emotional strategies allows you to start being unstuck in old ways of thinking and behaving. Would you want to feel frustrated and make passive aggressive comments (old pattern) to your team because of lack of performance or their « inefficient confined-work-from-home routine »? Or would you prefer to be able to respond differently and more efficiently (new behavioral strategies) and maintain a trustful and constructive relationship?

Changing your behavior or response to an emotional trigger, takes some practice and I am sharing here a structured approach. And don’t give me that « can’t teach an old monkey new tricks ». First, you are not a monkey, well nearly not, and second all latest researches have shown the plasticity of our brain and how it can reconfigure itself, so changing your way of thinking is totally realistic… Well if you are willing to.

Please ensure to watch at least the first 2 videos in the series: « mechanics of emotions » and « purpose of emotions » to help you understand the content of this approach.

If you want to see other videos in this series, here are the direct links:

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