🟢 Emotions powered innovation

🟢 Emotions powered innovation
Photo by Joni Ludlow / Unsplash

When we talk about innovation, we say it is motion. Until there is movement or change in the market, you cannot call your invention or idea an innovation. Emotions at work can either support or hinder innovation. They can be strong drivers for action, change, and movement and keep people alert and aware of signals in their environment or become uncontrollable, completely unproductive, or even freeze creativity. Finding the “right” level of emotions or, as I call it “emotional sweet spot” is key to powered innovation.

Emotional sweet spot of innovation

Now, let’s be honest, if there is no emotion, there is no drive, no movement. Neutral means no power one way or another. It is standing still, being contemplative or meditative. And that’s a great feeling. But for innovation's sake, that’s not quite the most useful state to get things moving.

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