243 million cars are circulating in Europe; among them, about 15.5 million were newly registered, and among them, only 2.27 million are electric (still a record 2021 number for Evs). With that, my question is straightforward: aren't automakers looking at the market in the wrong way?  

What if you get access to this market ten times instead of fighting over less than 20 million units sold? What if, by doing so, you wouldn't need heavy infrastructure, new high-tech factories, and having to cut your company into two competing factions? What if you could even find a new exciting way to take advantage of your fairly obsolete concessions network?

Too easy to be a serious strategy?

With the Renault Zoé being the most successful EV in Europe, far ahead of Tesla, I would think that the Dacia brand would be a perfect fit to jump right in and achieve the boldest move since Ford invented the Model T. Of course, I would also partner up with a national energy provider to bring the recharge station and proper budgeting as a package.

As would Apple say, "What's a Car?".

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