I've probably had a growingly negative opinion about Apple these last years, but I'd be ready to bet that Apple Intelligence (Apple's rebranding of AI) will underwhelm. My core experience is that companies don't solve strategic positioning and a lack of innovation pipeline by simply injecting the proper technology into their products.

The fact that Apple's current voice assistant, Siri, has been so dumb these last thirteen years (!), being barely able to give you the temperature outside, is a fair indicator of Apple as an organization and a culture, unable to grog what is the job to be done here. This will not change because of 'better technology.' Culture decides how companies prioritize objectives, understand customers, accept risks, and, not to forget, get shit done.

And if anything, Apple is a future-driven company.

Seems splendid until you understand that the core trade-off here is that they always try to jump to the next paradigm shift without paying much attention to their customer base. Why should they? Their customers are living in the present, a version of the market that future-driven companies are always running away from. So when such companies have to deal with playing catch-up and retooling an embarrassingly bad product to what should be the current state of the art... they can't. They still want to overachieve on their own.

If anything "Apple Intelligence" might simply overshoot beyond what would have been expected from a proper Siri 2.0, forgetting along the way to deliver the real updates the market is expecting.

How could that be possible would you ask?

Exactly in the same manner as Apple flunked the reboot of its Mac Pro product line in 2013 with the now infamous 'trashcan' Mac, or more recently the Apple Vision Pro...

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