Apple is going forward with launching their mixed reality headset in February.

Still no clear use case, still no precise demographics. That tech enthusiasts will buy it makes no doubt, but they are called innovators and early adopters for a reason: they're not the core market. And Apple is the largest company on the planet; they can't afford to only cater to enthusiasts anymore.

There is admittedly one use case Apple seems to care about: watching movies on a plane. (source: Apple)

The ad is lovely, though, and a testimony that money can buy tasteful marketing:

But the ad does reinforce all the points above. This is what I was writing about this last year, date to date:

Apple glasses... again?
I already discussed a few times where Apple would be standing regarding augmented or virtual reality glasses. Whether you care about Apple or this market is not so much the point of using this as an interesting discussion about what innovation is and how such a powerful company deals with

And in 2022, what I thought of the whole Metaverse trope:

🟢 The state of the metaverse in 2022
A few discussions these last weeks led me to try to pinpoint where the metaverse is at as of late 2022. Well, all information looks like noise until you break the code. ― Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash (1992) First, what do I mean by metaverse? I mean the hard promise of

All this being said we must remember that they launched the Apple Watch without knowing the problem it would solve, and this business line is now worth more than all the rest of the watch industry... 🤗

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