This is the time to pause, rest, and oxygen our minds away from work. I will restart the newsletter in January. If you're not yet away with your family and friends, you still can do a few things:

  • Past editions of the newsletter you might have missed are all here.
  • You could have a look at last year's series of micro-interviews. They were pretty cool, in my opinion, and I'd like to relaunch a few of them in 2024.
  • It might be interesting to read again what I thought about the state of the GAFAMs in early 2023 and their risk of obsolescence, as this affects us all.
  • Not to mention AI and ChatGPT.
  • It's probably still time to get a copy (or more) of Stéphanie's more personal notebook on self-introspection.

And for those who might be interested in getting an effective kickstart to an independent consulting business or thinking about it, I'll start a second wave of our premium newsletter in January, too (I don't know yet if I'll limit the number of subscribers again).

In any case, I wish you a happy and relaxing end of the year. And if you enjoyed this content, in 2023, here are simple things you can do that would go a long way:

  • Don't be shy and reach out on Linkedin if we aren't connected yet. 😊
  • Send a recommendation; it's always appreciated, and social proof is better than any pitch for future would-be subscribers.
  • Lastly, and maybe even more importantly, get someone you know who would be interested in this content to subscribe!


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