My next two weeks in June are pretty busy as they always are before seemingly everyone escapes to their favored action spot overnight. Consecutively, I'll pause the newsletter and the series about my "10 Strategic Insights for 2025" for the next two weeks. It's a lot of work and preparation for each edition, and I won't be in the right mind space if I rush the writing between two planes.

Meanwhile, you can review the previous editions starting here:

🟒 10 Strategic insights for 2025 - 1. There is no digital market
In this series, I will share the ten key insights I deeply believe you should be aware of to drive any business into our short-term and yet very volatile future…

You can also review the previous series on "My big technology framework," on which I'm also currently giving a class for Kedge exec MBA students in Paris:

🟒 My Big Technology Framework - Part 1. Making sense of it all
For the next few weeks, I’m taking up the challenge of explaining all the mechanisms at play that lead a technological invention to become an innovation in the market. Which is probably more difficult than what physicists do when they try to explain the universe : )

Lastly, for those interested, I'll reopen my (paying) consulting Kickstart program at the end of June for those who want to prepare for a career shift in September.

🟒 Our second edition of the premium Consulting Kickstart program starts on Feb. 6
This week’s newsletter to inform you that the first Consulting Kickstart edition was a blast, and the second one is opening soon. Half of the subscriptions have already been sold, so if you’re interested or know someone who should be, don’t sleep on it. Here are the details:

(The previous edition.)

Until then, enjoy the weird weather in Europe! Here in the Netherlands, some parts of summer have arrived, and we have started to have proper long evenings with beautiful Dutch light...

A view out of our office at 21:06PM on May 24.
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