TL;DR -> From Feb. 6 to Apr. 2, 2024, a 9-week premium program with a step-by-step roadmap and a weekly mission for only 30 participants to get a leg up on starting a consulting business or boosting a currently existing one.

Why this program?

Since 2011, I've been stealth-advising dozens of business or design school students to launch a consulting career around their key expertise and become freelancers, independents, or small businesses.

Last year, I decided to try out and format how I would explain how to start this crazy business to a younger me if I could go back in time without wasting time and aiming high from the get-go. I condensed everything into nine newsletters, working out a step-by-step roadmap of what you should do to get there, get yourself a leg up in a business format that is poorly explained at best, and save at least six months of fumbling around trying many things and not knowing how to kickstart the enterprise of you.


Last November, I limited the first wave of subscriptions to only 30 participants, and it was a blast for everyone.

Philippe's training was fantastic! His content is as great as, if not better than, what he shares in his newsletter. The training gave a deep understanding of the important topics and also focused on real practical methods. Philippe's content is always excellent. I highly recommend his training! - Antoine
Having toyed with the idea of becoming a consultant in the past (but never having done so), Philippe's Consulting Kickstart programme gave me the confidence to take the leap and launch an upstart consulting service of my own.
We covered a lot of important bases in the course, from defining the value you bring to clients, to technical and operational matters.
To anyone who is tempted, or determined, to get started as an independent consultant, I thoroughly recommend Philippe's course. - Stephen
If as I was you are tempted to start your own consulting practice but don’t know where to start or how to do it? The Consulting Kickstart program by Innovation Copilots was a exactly the appropriate step stone for me. In 9 little weeks, it provided step-by-step guidance from identifying your niche, your USP to building a client base. Its hands-on approach, with weekly practical missions, changed my understanding and approach to niche consulting. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to do it as a side business or change your way of life. A huge thanks to Innovation Copilots for its support and clever companionship. - Christian
There are three momentums that have allowed me to unlock value with this newsletter quickly. Immediate knowledge can be applied from scratch to your current job or during interviews. Soon, without delay, practice can be initiated for side consulting gigs while avoiding the usual mistakes. Later, mastery of Philippe’s secret powers will take you to the next level. - Sabine
I initially took the newsletter training with the intent of quitting my current corporate position and exploring opportunities as a freelancer in the high-tech industry. However, during the process, I realized the potential to redefine my position as an internal consultant for corporate venturing. After a few weeks of negotiations with my N+1 and HR, I successfully secured a new role with a significant salary increase. Grateful for Philippe's guidance in recognizing the value of my expertise, understanding how to define my personal ROI and getting the message out! - Lisanne

To my surprise, two of you even used the program to boost your position within large corporations as internal consultants (one even seized a new position opportunity and got a significant raise–see above). So, I'm also opening the program for these profiles this year.

Is it for you?

You're the target audience if:

  • You have some experience in your field (maybe not twenty years of experience, but not a student).
  • You think about going into consulting (not personal training, self-development coaching), whether as a freelancer or within the company you already work with.
  • You want to boost an existing consulting practice, fine-tune your approach, and get better missions.

But most importantly, you want results, and you're committed enough to work on your project a day each week for nine weeks.

How does it work?

I have fine-tuned the most efficient format possible as a newsletter that will drop in your mailbox every Tuesday for the duration of the program. The core objectives are:

  1. Pack everything from positioning to networking and pricing a consultancy in a 9-step program.
  2. Each edition will deal with a specific step (defining your expertise, the difference between horizontal and vertical consulting, different pricing strategies, marketing yourself, soft vs. hard networking, etc.).
  3. Each edition will give you a reasonably quick mission to get you on track. For instance, find a way to present a keynote to a relevant public (and will give you strategies to get there).
  4. The time investment should be about a day per week (not a full day; you can spread this out over the week, obviously).
  5. The program factors in that some steps will need time to mature for you or show results. This is built into the program, and we'll get the 'slow' things rolling in the first editions.
  6. I'll keep grand theories and complex tools at bay to focus on practical questions like: Should you start working for free? (No, never). Should you have a daily rate? (Nope, bad idea too.)
  7. The core deliverable after nine weeks is your project formatted clearly (irrelevant to your type of expertise, i.e., it will work if you're in finance, design, supply chain, HR, etc.) But also, for those of you not yet in the business, answering a blunt question. Should you go for it or not?
  8. During all nine weeks, all participants will have access to my direct mail for questions and feedback. That's why I keep the program to a tight, manageable 30 persons.

What's the budget?

The budget is a flat price for the whole program for one person, and you'll keep access to the program on our website indefinitely:

  • €500 for an individual.
  • €800 for a freelancer or one person in a small business (you have a VAT number and/or less than 100 employees).
  • €1,200 for one staff member (more than 100 employees).

This includes VAT if applicable.

How to subscribe?

  • Step 1. First, subscribe to the free edition of the newsletter to be registered on our site.

You can do it from the box below:

  • Step 2. After you have registered and have confirmed your email, you can go to your profile (1) and click on your account (2):
  • Step 3. In your account window, click on View Plans:
  • Step 4. And choose the relevant Consulting Kickstart Program (you will be billed only once):
  • Step 5. That's it. You will then be led to a Stripe payment window, and after you validate everything, you're in. (If you are in a large corporation and Stripe doesn't work for you, email me and we'll sort it out quickly.)

See you soon!

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