◼️ Innovation Micro-interview #6 - Cedric BEGON, Paris

A series of micro-interviews with people we work with. Partners in crime, current or former customers, all have a unique view on innovation and the current zeitgeist. Five questions on innovation, short answers. We might agree, we might disagree. No context, no comments.

◼️ Innovation Micro-interview #6 - Cedric BEGON, Paris
Cedric Begon

Cedric BEGON, Paris / Head of digital open innovation and new services design at CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty

1. How do you define innovation, and why is it important for you (personally, not for your professional activity)?

Innovation is vital energy made tangible, inducing widely adopted changes on the market. Important because transformative energy is life.

2. If we only consider “digital” what’s the biggest impact you witnessed directly these last years (remote working notwithstanding)?

The acceleration and the dual impact of specialization/fragmentation. Can digital really be leveraged to reduce entropy after all?

3. What’s currently the hottest topic in your field that you believe might have a chance to really be transformative?

The rise of DTx (digital therapeutics) inspired care, a new age of digital solutions providing holistic care and well being benefits.

4. In contrast, what's the most over-hyped topic and why?

Web3 and the metaverse because underlying tech layers are complex, with already a long history. This complexity hinders thoughtful reviews of new usages to come, leading everyone to make the same simplistic bets ( looking in the rear window, somehow).

5. What is the most surprising weak signal you have direct knowledge of that we all should be paying more attention to?

Not really a weak signal now, but calling it an insight: the ultra-personalization of sales speech by a few China mass brands…

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