It’s been ten 10 years that I quit my last position as an employee from another company than my own. I started for a first year and half as a freelance consultant on strategy and then we founded Merkapt, our first consulting company with Stéphanie. 2007 Was the year the first iPhone went to market and that Amazon Web Service started to ramp up. Quite a year if you ask me…

I’m not really sentimental or looking into anniversary dates too much, and I’m not going to brag about all the cool things our customers pay us to do. But I guess there’s something to say for those of you who are thinking about being financially independent. That just works.

You don’t need a crazy network or a full year of possible missions to start off. You need to be committed and understand what is your super-power that you’ll be able to monetize at some point. This super-power is probably a flaw right now — at least for your current employer. This is good. You just need a change in perspective, considering the outside world is wide open and all kinds of niche markets exist (we even find multinationals that want corporate incubation to produce actual strategic deliverables, not just promotional marketing — that says a lot). What is a flaw when you’re working year in year out with the same thirty direct team members, could be an exclusive asset in some part of the value chain, or for some categories of players who didn’t exist two years ago.

Well, anyway… I don’t want to promote the independent life and push people to quit boring and yet lucrative jobs. There’s a life style element that probably doesn’t transfer, even when everyone after hours dreams to be his or her own boss. Just know that all you need in 2017 to start with is an iPad, Linkedin and maybe a passport. You don’t need the 600 articles that we published on this blog, but of course it will help along the way.

To end up this quick note I’d like to ask you something. Not a big commitment just a little nudge… Here it goes:

If last week or five years ago there was one of our articles that was important for you, changed your view on a key issue, or was just fun or surprising… Would you be kind enough to share it on Linkedin or Twitter with just a few words?

That would be kind of cool. : )

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