This is a quick update to signal that I'll speak at Tech Summit Europe, Amsterdam, on March 28. The event is held at the Postillion hotel and business center in the city's south business and financial district (about 20 min away from the central station with the tramway, a bit less on a bike).

You can find all info and booking here:

Tech Summit Europe
Join people in Tech at Tech Summit Europe. Attend for the latest and innovative insights from across the tech industry.

My session will be at 11:00 in Room 2 and is Five Practical Steps To Ensure Your Corporate Innovation Program Is Not Killed After 18 Months.

The event should be interesting as it's cozier and significantly less buzz-cringy than others. I expect a few solid interventions from actors in the European corporate innovation scene (AWS, ABN Amro, CloudHub, Emma, etc.) and practical perspectives on current technology trends (no crypto or tech bros – yeah). Think Slush but with real-life people 😚 or, for my French network, Lyon Blend Web Mix.

See you there?

On Thursday, the 30th, I will be sharing my complete keynote, along with additional commentary, exclusively with subscribers through our newsletter after the event has taken place. If interested, you know what to do 😌
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