🟢 The sausage factory of trending blog posts

A behind-the-scenes look at how algorithms have taken over content production, optimized everything for click-baiting and turned everything into snackable content.

🟢 The sausage factory of trending blog posts
Photo by The BlackRabbit / Unsplash

Although we write a lot on this blog, we're not monetizing these writings directly. Our business here is not about generating a few cents per click over a few million times a week. That being said, as an indispensable professional curiosity, I'm always looking into how the vast majority of the internet's content is monetized.

And as you know, getting content ahead of the public's attention curve is about optimizing your content to please Google, Facebook, TikTok, or Baidu's algorithms. This is of such importance that an entire industry has developed algorithms of their own to help you get there.

Algorithms talking to algorithms

Being in a playful mood last week, I checked how I "should" optimize my content. And here's a list of "optimal" titles for blog posts using the keyword innovation automatically generated to please the algorithms that decide what's best for us:

Optimizing titles for Facebook or the Harvard Business Review with The Best Title Generator

Yes, you can cry and despair. But... tell me that you wouldn't click on one of these titles. I dare you!

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