Third time in the past three months, I have been interviewed for a podcast or video-cast promoting women’s voices and women’s stories. You will find the latest one, Women’s Dialogues, by Dr. Shashi Goel below with time codes. I’ve realized that this is actually a new form of mentoring for women. I’ve called it podcast mentoring.

The many women role models are becoming more visible and, in all humility and authenticity, are sharing their journey, with ups and downs, pieces of wisdom, advice, and questions. They are not trying to tell you what to do but instead sharing a perspective that might be useful to light your own path. And the more we hear them, the more light we get on our path so we can make more, dare I say “enlightened”  decisions.

Podcast mentoring is more personal than a book and creates new opportunities for women to empower themselves. This form of mentoring does not replace the usual one-to-one form and only takes one of the nine mentoring functions: role-model, but it has the advantage to scale very well. Each episode with a new mentor sharing freely creates a new opportunity to grow for the many listeners and viewers. Each new mentor brings another perspective to trigger your own inner mentor and find answers to your questions. And you never know, she might even become your “official” mentor.

Here are a few time codes if you wish to jump to specific parts:

  • 1:00 My early life story: understanding others to know me.
  • 7:07 My Ph.D. journey: legitimacy, intellectual challenge, and mentoring.
  • 16:00 Mentoring is key in women’s journey.
  • 17:08 My book mentor and teaser about the book I’m writing.
  • 20:00 The power of storytelling.
  • 23:47 My work in women leadership programmes with Rotterdam School of Management and ECWO (Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations).
  • 27:56 Tips about dealing with emotional times.
  • 36:32 Paying it forward. Helping other women.
  • 38:40 Why Women Dialogues is important today.

Enjoy and feel free to connect on Linkedin and tell me about the podcast and other channels that inspire you.

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