Recently Lidia Lopez interviewed me for the podcast she runs with Maria Planes, “How I Met My Mentor.” Each weekly episode is an interview of a woman who shares about herself, her experiences, her expertise to benefit and inspire other women. You can find my episode on Spotify, as an MP3, on Apple Podcast, or Google Podcasts. In this interview, she allowed me to share my favorite subjects: feminine values in corporate cultures, mentoring, emotions at work, how we think and make choices, and my friends.

E9 Stéphanie Mitrano-Meda: Strategic Mentoring and Feminine Values - How I met my Mentor
Our 9th mentor is ✨ Stephanie Mitrano- Meda✨. Stephanie is Senior Partner, Culture Copilot, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker at Innovation Copilots. She is also a mentor and teaches the Women Leadership programme at the Rotterdam School of Man...

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