🟢 Emotions, survival, crisis & radical change

🟢 Emotions, survival, crisis & radical change
Photo by Nikolas Noonan / Unsplash

The corona virus pandemic has and will continue to trigger our emotions. Mainly because it is a “life event” which encompasses three life challenging notions at the same time: our survival instinct, a sudden (sanitary, personal, professional, financial and societal) crisis, and a potential radical change in our way of life.

In this article, I do not pretend to provide you with miracle solutions to crisis management, but to offer insights that will help you better understand yourself and better support others in the extraordinary situation we are living.

From an outside perspective, it would be easy to assess other people’s fears and put them aside because they are considered to be disproportionate or irrational. But understanding their fears is much more constructive to help them back to emotional calm. So here are three perspectives to facilitate your understanding and your discussions with your teams about their feelings.

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