I presented last year how the systemic bottleneck analysis was one of the key tools I've been using for years when discussing the future of any market.

As a quick refresher: a systemic bottleneck is a turn point event that is building up in your market that, when resolving, will impose a ten years directionality impacting every actor in the said market. This straightforward mindset is often a considerable blindspot both for industrials and public decision-makers alike.

One such example is the lack of awareness that scaling the electric vehicle market in Europe is a non-starter until there's enough charging infrastructure.

Europe Needs 65 Million Electric Vehicle Chargers by 2035
A report from EY and Eurelectric calls for $134 billion in infrastructure investment.

(Not so much a chicken-and-egg problem as, in my opinion, automakers slow-walking there until governments have no other option than bail them out of the corner they painted themselves into.)

But what is the major bottleneck you're facing in your market that no one wants to face head-on for now? Is there any chance that actors from outside your market might step in? You should then pause and consider that first; they might become a mandatory getaway for your customers and then just step into your core business and replace you.

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