In this short white paper, I will endeavour to answer the key questions you may have about entrepreneurial mentoring and the implementation of a programme.

  • Is this new support relationship for entrepreneurs just trendy or does it have a real impact for new entrepreneurs?
  • Why would an experienced entrepreneur give of his time to help a starting entrepreneur?
  • What are the key ingredients for the success of a mentoring relationship between 2 entrepreneurs?
  • What should an organisation wishing to use mentoring to support entrepreneurs put in place?

My answers are based on my latest research and several diagnostics of entrepreneurial mentoring programmes in France and abroad. They highlight and summarize the best practices in programme implementation and in mentors’ practice.

Do not hesistate to download and share this pdf file (and share your feedback and experiences):

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Stéphanie Mitrano

Stéphanie Mitrano

Insightful and open-minded, Stéphanie accompanies organisations in their cultural transformation to support innovation and business agility. She is one the few European expert both implementing and doing research on mentoring programmes.