🟢 Customer cases. Episode 1, Mentoring at Thales Avionics

🟢 Customer cases. Episode 1, Mentoring at Thales Avionics
Photo by Yulia Matvienko / Unsplash

As we share our more recent customer cases, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on the critical strategic learnings about implementing mentoring at scale. Our approach with Thales Avionics was slightly different than the one we started with Worldline back in 2014, so I thought it was worth giving you the updates on best practices on the subject given the new context we live and work in.

Retain, Retain, Retain

Consider this: the continuing war on talents, the complex context of hiring, the need for mobility within large organisations, the uncertain times making HR strategic decisions a nightmare, the many restructuring and refocusing of strategies, and the new generations' lack of attachment or loyalty to a brand or an employer. Ouch! How can you build and maintain operational and strategic teams sustainably at scale? Retention is still the big thorn in HR's thumb... and while it looks like an HR problem, it is a strategic, cultural, and managerial issue.

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