Meet me at the IRU World Congress 2018

iru world congress 2018
iru world congress 2018

I will be one of the round table speakers at the IRU Wolrd Congress in Muscat, Oman, this November.

New technology and business models: prosper or perish? The combination of automation, the “sharing economy” and decarbonisation objectives leads, among others, to the emergence of digital platforms and new business models and the disruption of the traditional the bus and coach transport industry. The industry needs to step up and integrate these solutions to reap the benefits of these technological and societal developments. This panel will explore if and how digital platforms and new business models change the rules of the game.

We will discuss key shifts in world transport, mobility and logistics markets with a very exciting and comprehensive programme. I’ll be flying in and out pretty much, but in case you are there and want to meet I’ll be more than happy to find the time.

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