I’ll be hosting the BlendWebMix conference in Lyon (France) on November 13 and 14. This year program is about “Tech for Good”. You’ve seen this central theme running with most of the tech conferences lately and it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon.

If you’re in Lyon (and speak French) you probably want to attend BlendWebMix. It’s a conference that does it’s best to keep it a sort of family thing with as much proximity with speakers as possible, open side events and a good mix of hands-on tech discussion (from development to design) and tech culture or business strategy. I usually enjoy my time there very much and I’m quite pleased to be the MC this year.

Also, on the last day, I’ll be giving a 40 min hot take / debrief of everything I saw and discussed at Blend. It’s an open session on the side of the main event, so there won’t be a lot of seats. Get in fast!

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