Congratulations, you made it through 2 months of questions, probably doubts, and hopefully critical discoveries about yourself and the market! This last edition of the newsletter will have a format different from the previous ones. We'll just recap the full logic that started with newsletters one up to eight, and then I will try to give you pointers to decide if you should take the plunge and go live with your consulting project.

Should you go into consulting?

Let's rebuild the full picture of what we discussed together, walking back from last week's newsletter #8 to #1, shall we?

Navigating multi-layered work schedules is a skill second only to your core consulting expertise. It will buy you time to reframe your ABC customers upward. And it's by showcasing your work and activating a community you will seed a flywheel effect. To allow this, you need efficient, flexible branding for your value proposition. In this game, a website crystal clear about your pitch is key. In any case, your expertise's uniqueness should be easily translated into customers' ROI, which gives you everything you need to engage your first customers. In the end, social-proofing will be your key booster.

These are the ideas that should now click together for you.

I will now go through the way all this work we have done together should flow together, and along the way, ask you at each step a critical question: