This is it, time to start our journey together.

To set our expectations right, don't try to answer 100% of each week's questions or wait for a clear understanding of yourself by Friday. If your process of understanding who you are as a consultant is even remotely close to my initial journey, it will take time. My goal is to cut this time to market as much as possible and (mostly) help you avoid the usual confusion, background noise, or the unavoidable contradictory injunctions various people who "want to help" will give you.

This week, we'll start with what might take you the longest to identify and fine-tune: What is your type of expertise?

If you pause for a few minutes and try to answer this question, undoubtedly, your answer will be 'change management,' 'financial audit,' 'market analysis,' or even, god forbid, 'innovation strategy.' And OK, that's fair, but this is just the surface answer. Nothing that will help you position yourself with precision and, most importantly, explain to future customers what kind of ROI to expect from a mission with you.

To get there, we need to dig further into the different types of expertise one can develop and offer.