After installing massive screens in cars to look more like Tesla (and partnering with Nvidia along the way), automotive companies such as BMW, now try to find a reason to use the technology.

New BMW Partnership Brings Video Games To Its Cars From 2023
Just don’t expect to play a multiplayer game while doing 80mph on the interstate.

It certainly feels ungainly and lackluster for now, but the back-seats experience should be the next focus. Our pitch of a few years ago to some of these car companies is getting real.

"You're a media company, an energy infrastructure, a payment hub, a communication platform, and more; in the next few years, you'll just happen to monetize mostly with cars."

It just always surprises me how much these industry giants end up being clumsy, not about technology itself but the business models that would empower the tech layer. It really feels like airline companies a few years ago trying to make sense of in-flight entertainment systems.

Not to mention that the ones already ahead of this are moving fast in other directions...

Elon Musk says Tesla cars will connect to Starlink’s new cellular-broadcasting satellites
An all-Musk connection.

To be filed in "It's not a car company"

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