🟢 Are you a Plumber or an Alchemist?

🟢 Are you a Plumber or an Alchemist?
Photo by Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

For many years, I have pondered how to nudge organizations most effectively through troubled waters or, quite often, sheer storms, and in doing so, I always asked myself the core qualities involved to get there. How to be an efficient 'copilot'. And if you're reading this newsletter, you might not be a consultant, but you most probably have a role in a market or business transformation of sorts yourself. I will address many technicalities of this question in the upcoming newsletter format on October 9 for those of you who have signed up for a primer on "how to get into the independent consulting business," but for now, I'd like to be a bit more meta.

One way I've formatted an answer to this question over time is to try to find the line between being a Plumber vs. being an Alchemist. Why and what's the difference?

Glad you ask.

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