I don't write enough about the luxury market, although when I look back at all those years, I've been pretty active on various (always exciting) missions. The sector's need for secrecy certainly doesn't help. But also, I'm coming at it from an outsider's perspective, not a luxury specialist per se. I can't escape thinking that there's an added value to that, as I tend to look at risk and opportunities with a more systemic perspective. But still, I try to be very specific about writing anything about it.

In any case, I intend to get a bit more into the topic in the next weeks and wanted to collect a few of my previous articles on the subject for future reference. If you're interested, here they are...

On the ongoing tech vs. luxury conundrum:

Understanding the Apple Watch – Innovation Copilots
Understanding the Apple Watch is hard. In September 2014, Jean-Claude BIVER, President of LVMH Watchmaking Division (Tag Heuer, Zenith, Hublot), famously said: This [Apple] watch has no sex appeal. It’s too feminine and looks too much like the smartwatches already on the market. To be totally hones…

On the innovator's dilemma applied to watchmaking.

🟢 Is luxury soluble in technology?
In 2015 I discussed to which extent technology could be leveraged by luxury brands and if tech brands could ever invade the luxury space. Let’s see where we are in 2022.

The original 2015 article in French, landed me my first mission with CHANEL, I believe...

🟢 Cracking the code for blending technology and luxury together
For years I’ve been consulting and working on how to crack the code for blending technology and digital with luxury. I might just have a fair idea of how to get there now (and no, it’s not easy).

Trying to make sense in granular terms of the different forms of mixing oil and water.

Can iPhones have a soul? – Innovation Copilots
There is no denying that the younger the demographic is, the newest the technology should be. And whatever your age, when you love technology, there is no way to escape the endorphin rush from unpacking a new gadget. And that’s fine. As we age, we progressively shift our values

Certainly one of the articles I wrote, I love the most ☺️

On changes in business models being the most challenging endeavor for luxury brands:

🟢 When luxury innovates the second-hand market
Changing your posture in the market, extending new offers to some of the customers you were not reaching out to directly, or simply innovating your services rarely feels groundbreaking. Yet it’s a vast field of untapped opportunities.

Recent moves on secure the largest part of the luxury market that brands usually don't want to touch or even consider...

🟢 Omega and Swatch, a model for exploring market innovation
Omega and Swatch recently partnered to create a limited edition “cheap” version of the iconic Speedmaster. We’ll discuss why it’s probably a wickedly smart move for Omega’s innovation strategy.

Interesting and polarising move from Swatch trying to make brand association in a fun way.

On China being the most significant luxury market and certainly the least predictable:

China is officially reinventing luxury on its own terms
As an echo of last February’s article on cracking the luxury market in China and other signals indicating that China was starting to get branding right, we now have many little big bangs confirming European brands are officially in trouble. While selling Western taste and glamour for decades was an

What if your largest market was the most volatile and unpredictable?

Retail needs a digital wake-up call, but not the one you’re thinking about – Innovation Copilots
The digital wake-up call you need is maybe not the one you think. You are worried that you don’t own the platform where your customer experience and brand are dissected every second. But what is the option anyway? PR your way back to relevance? That’s the thing you

Exploring the next retail experience in China part 1.

Hema Market, the Full ‘Digital is Over’ Experience – Innovation Copilots
Since 2016 (a bit more actually), I’ve been pushing this simple concept: Digital is over! [https://www.icopilots.com/digital-is-over-now-what] Being back in Shanghai right now is among many things a perfect opportunity to check how far digital has been integrated into the everyday life of this mass…

And 2.

Airports are morphing for a pandemic world
Two years ago, while working with executives from one of the top luxury brands worldwide, we discussed how the world would adapt post-pandemic. The concern was mainly at the time for travel retail which accounts for quite a surprisingly high share of international luxury sales. Without anyone travel…

Travel retail is another core luxury market that is flying under the radar (yes, pun intended).

The war for coffee is still raging
After two years of a global pandemic, quite a few retail businesses show their weaknesses. As Warren Buffet famously said, you find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out. Selling coffee is one of these markets that is heavily shaken. After more than ten years of trying

On the risks involved of trivializing your core value for more land grab.

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