A quick teaser on our Consulting Kickstart program

A quick teaser on our Consulting Kickstart program
Photo by erica steeves / Unsplash

As a follow-up to the Consulting Kickstart program I announced this week-end and that will start October 9, here's a quick teaser of the different steps we'll go through:

  1. Understanding the 5 different types of expertise (and finding your super-power)
  2. Getting your first mission without making it 'free'
  3. Pricing for value, not time
  4. The branding of you and getting out of the commodity zone
  5. Scaling your business even as a one (wo)man-army
  6. Building up your revenues strategy
  7. Organizing a sustainable work schedule
  8. Investing in a progression route
  9. Building a customers' community

There are still about 10 seats available 😌

More details and how to sign up below:

🟢 A 9-week limited-run newsletter for would-be consultants, freelancers, and independents
😎TL;DR -> From Oct. 9 to Dec. 4, 2023, a 9-week premium program with a step-by-step roadmap, and a weekly mission for only 30 participants to get a leg up on designing and starting a consulting business for a flat €420. It’s been a rather chaotic summer and I’ve

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