🟢 The 12 types of intrapreneurship programs you should know about

I still feel that intrapreneurship is discussed as a very narrow and generic practice within corporate innovation circles, when it's a wide and proteiform continuum. Here I'll try to map a few iconic types of programs I have had to implement (or been involved with) since 2012.

🟢 The 12 types of intrapreneurship programs you should know about
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante / Unsplash

I have worked since 2012 on corporate intrapreneurship programs and am regularly asked what the most prominent problem I see with these programs that make them fail so frequently is. To be honest, it's more often of a death-by-a-thousand-cuts situation than a glaring particular recurring problem. And also, these last years, I've seen and read more and more interesting post-mortems and reliable experience sharing on these programs. As such, I have started to believe that some sanity is now prevailing (as proof of that is that there are certainly way fewer intrapreneurship programs than a few years ago, which probably indicates that industrials understand "it's not just going to work").  

There's one issue that I rarely see addressed, and that still indicates to me how immature this field remains: many corporations keep thinking that there are only one or two ways to go about intrapreneurship. But I'd say there are at least a dozen types of intrapreneurship programs you should know about.

Intrapreneurship is not a thing...

Intrapreneurship is just a tool among so many others, but this tool is quite flexible. Different types of intrapreneurs can be activated within a company, and they will deliver various innovation outputs.

This is what I'm talking about:

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