As I briefly explained a few days ago, I don't intend to spend much more time on Twitter with the current BS going on (which is, for me removing the few moderation rules and decency safeguards that led to banning Trump and a few others). For the same reason, I'm not going to join Mastodon, where there's even less moderation and content control—been there, done that.

If I'm focusing more and more on LinkedIn, I'm also cautiously optimistic about Post.

Post is a place for people to discover, read, watch, discuss and share premium news content without subscriptions or ads. Pay just for what you read (on a per article basis), and help keep independent journalism in business. Discover, follow, share, and support diverse voices on topics you care about and join smart conversations without the toxicity.

That's an opposable value add with an interesting business model. We'll see where it goes. So, for now... Here I am:

@icopilots’s Profile / Post.
(Yup, that's fairly bugged for the time being 😎)

Edit: That didn't last very long... 😎

🟢 So long, and thanks for all the chirps
I was on Twitter for 14 years and five months. I canceled my account yesterday. Is there anything to say that hasn’t been said these last few months? Should I have waited for the new CEO (or the one that will come after her) to turn things around? Should I
The Fediverse, it has electrolytes!
The fediverse is a combination of “federation” and “universe.” A very poorly chosen monicker, if you ask me, that will not help make the concept catch up for the general public. The core idea is that up to now, social media have been mostly centralized and led to various problems.
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