Here is an interesting bit of news today if you want to understand better how digital platforms tick: following up on Netflix, YouTube (Google), and Spotify won't lift a finger to help Apple launch their new VisionPro mixed-reality headset next month.

YouTube, Spotify, and some other popular apps (probably) won’t be available on Vision Pro at launch - 9to5Mac
We learned yesterday that Netflix won’t offer a dedicated app for Vision Pro, nor will it allow Vision Pro users…

Remember the (in)famous "Developers! Developers! Developers!"?

This is now well integrated as the first battlefront for any burgeoning digital platform: priming enough initial offers (developers, app adaptations, content, etc) to get a headstart in reaching critical mass.

The first reaching critical mass usually goes supernova and wins it all.

It's pretty obvious why Google wouldn't want to sponsor Apple's race into the metaverse (or whatever you want to call it these days), and Spotify... well, they're in direct competition with Apple Music. It's also a signal that Apple's ecosystem is more and more pissed at its App Store policies.

At least Apple secured its long-time sweet-heart company:

Disney+ On Apple Vision Pro Ushers In A New Era Of Storytelling Innovation And Immersive Entertainment - The Walt Disney Company
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