🤘 Who needs a CMO?

🤘 Who needs a CMO?
Photo by Scott Gummerson / Unsplash

In 2016, Bozoma Saint John made quite a splash during Apple yearly WWDC mass. Since then, she has worked at Uber, Endeavor (don't ask), and lately at Netflix.

Bozoma Saint John Departs As Netflix Chief Marketing Officer
Marian Lee, the company’s vice president of marketing in the U.S. and Canada, will take over as CMO.

Her role as CMO (chief marketing officer) was probably very influential, or not --hard to say. And typically, CMOs have a short lifespan in companies. They spin in with new, fresh ideas and spin out two years later when business reality sets in.

I wondered this morning if there shouldn't be a better way to use such energy and talent in large organizations besides making them in charge of the company coolness factor. I mean, we know that bombarding Will.I.Am at such a role is a waste of time, don't we?

But no, I can't imagine you can transfer attitude and personality to a company that terribly lacks any. The only rational way for her would be to create her own company.

That would be something.

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