In transforming an organisation, so it can evolve with its time, there is never a one-size-fits-all method or tool. Each transformation leader has to grasp many variables, from strategic intent to environmental context, from the company’s cultural aspects to original organisation’s DNA. Any impactful transformation starts with driven leaders within who understand and live the challenges of change, whilst being concerned by the necessity of strategic effectiveness. Each experience being a source of learning, I endeavour to share such transformative stories whether considered as successes or not, in order to inspire, teach, and develop leaders’ complexity intelligence.

For the next few months, I will interview leaders at various levels of multinational organisations from Business Unit Directors, cross-functional leaders to C-suite executives, who are driving transformations whether to support digital trends or other strategic business changes at varying scales.

The purpose of these interviews is to collect and confront experiences and best practices to enrich the communities of Transformation Leaders, as well as to illustrate academic models with real-life examples.

I will ask a series of questions about the Transformation Leader as an individual (background, drivers, vision and values), about his/her mission and goals in his/her role, the challenges they have faced (or are still facing) and achievements or learning they got, and finally I will ask about the impacts on the organisation, the business and the company culture.

The series of interviews will be published and shared on this blog and LinkedIn, and I will use the stories in my next  white paper on organisational transformations. A keynote speech will also be fed back to the interviewees’ organisation and more widely to other companies in our network.

I already have quite a few interviews lined up, but if you know someone who is a  Transformation Leader with a story or two to share then feel free to let me know by contacting me directly.

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