Every year for the CES Las Vegas, I have to shut down my social networks and stop listening to tech podcasts. But this is never 100% failproof, and I always catch glimpses of the recurring non-sensical projects pitched in the faint hope of generating some ephemeral buzz.

I'm not even going to discuss the Sony Honda Afleela vaporware car or how many designers at Lenovo had an aneurysm to get there:

(One of the books in the picture is called 'Finding Mezcal' – you can't make this up.)


Instead, I will tell you what will be my new get-go example of lousy design meets undercooked technology wrapped with wishful thinking.

I present you Neutrogena 3D printed vitamins 👻

Just read the article below; I don't even have the strength to comment:

Neutrogena unveils new custom 3D printed dietary supplements at CES 2023 - 3D Printing Industry
Leading US skincare brand Neutrogena has introduced a line of personalized 3D printed health supplements at the CES 2023 exhibition.

And if you need more, just open Twitter to see dozens of even more dumb things...

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