The only question about the future of virtual reality

The only question about the future of virtual reality
Photo by Aarif Sheikh / Unsplash

Meta just launched a new version of their smart glasses that seems relatively decent from a technology standpoint (provided you're not concerned with your data and privacy). It allows for taking photos and videos with regular glasses on your face.

Meanwhile, Apple is stepping boldly into a future that doesn't exist yet, where we would need unlimited screens around us all the time (provided battery technology catches up, which is still quite the distant horizon to get to). Interestingly, the mask dialing in or out your perception of your surroundings (aka. reality) is a key feature.

In both cases, social interaction is the core challenge beyond the technology itself. So here's the key question about VR (AR or XR): How long before the tech gets unobtrusive enough so that we can wear a device as simple in its form factor as a pair of Ray-Bans and yet does something as powerful as a future version of Apple Vision Pro?

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