We talked briefly about the Magic Spot on Monday. This framework is one that I've been using for quite a few years to link as directly as possible how you pitch an innovation and how you position it ahead of current competitors. The sorely missing link between strategy and marketing. Incidentally, this framework works whether you start from a marketing or a strategic perspective. But for the sake of today's discussion, let's assume you have a solid first take on how you explain your innovation to potential first customers.

Step 1. Marketing your 1 + 2 combo

The most efficient way to do it is to frame your project as a combination of two remarkable benefits you're offering to the market. We call them Axis (1) and (2).

1. Starting with a (1) + (2) communication framework...

And if you start looking for it, you'll see this (1) + (2) combo everywhere:

  • A second brain (1), for you, forever (2) - Obsidian
  • To organize the world’s information (1) and make it universally accessible and useful (2) - Google
  • Always the ride (1) you want (2) - Uber

If this (1) + (2) framing seems artificial, it's because it is. Your innovation is certainly more complex and intricate; the thing is, you need to communicate it quickly to start with. Forcing your first message in a (1) + (2) combo is a cheap trick, yes, but it works. Later, you can explain in more detail all the benefits that are packaged under axes (1) and (2).