From Starlink deploying in Ukraine...

To Apple, Airpods used as trackers to locate Russian soldiers' bases...

And Google Maps removing the military blur on Russian bases...

The American tech platforms are not so discreetly getting involved with the war in Ukraine. It's fascinating to see how these consumers platforms that are now embedded so deeply in our everyday life can be weaponized overnight.

It's also fascinating that there's no pretending anymore. These platforms are actively in conflict now:

Yesterday, Emmanuel Macron was reelected in France for five years as a pro-European leader. It's sadly evident that Europe lacks such tech capabilities and has no control over these switches whatsoever. Will we progress on these key infrastructure capabilities? A tricky question to answer, especially when European populists get more and more voters behind them to dismantle Europe.

If Europe works, it's because we are a 445 million integrated market, larger than the U.S., with the critical mass to fund more, scale faster, and own our future.

Unicorn drain: Europe is still losing its most valuable startups to the US
Despite European tech’s growth, why are some of the continent’s most valuable tech companies still being lured to the US?

But we're still not fully aware of this incredible potential, aren't we?

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