I very often discussed this logic for innovators: start with the problem then explain your added value as you solve it, and lastly describe the product as the how to do it. This is your strategy; this is also your innovation marketing. If there’s a difference, you’re doing something (very) wrong. Or you don’t have value…

As very often, the latest Apple marketing video for the iPad brings this together in a tight, fun, and impactful package.

Here’s a powerful exercise while watching the video underneath:

  1. List all the pain points described in the video.
  2. Understand how problem/value is communicated by two worlds colliding.
  3. Try to explain the value of the iPad.

And here’s the thing: at the end of the video, you’ll get 1. and 2. crystal clear, and yet 3. will still be difficult to explain. Freedom? Fun? No worry? Difficult to pinpoint exactly. And yet… you got the message.

Explaining or illustrating the problem in innovation marketing is a powerful tool. It will shape by contrast the value you’re bringing to the market, even in cases where it’s objectively quite difficult to sum up.

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