I was lucky enough to be invited to chat on the podcast of my good friend Jean-Louis Frechin, who has been one of the leading design figures in France for so many years.

The podcast is in French (sorry - not sorry):

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‎Le design parmi les gens: Philippe Méda, pilote des transformations op Apple Podcasts
‎Programma Le design parmi les gens, Afl Philippe Méda, pilote des transformations - 22 nov. 2023

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If anything, you should check the amazing work Jean-Louis and his team are doing with industrials, cities, and startups right there:

Nodesign.net - design with vision, vision by design
Nodesign est une agence de design, d’innovation et de création technologique, multiprimée, pionnière du design numérique et de l’innovation en France.
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