While China is (for now) winning the tech race on commercial nuclear fusion reactors, Europe is still pushing energy innovation on many fronts. One of them is off-shore renewable electricity production.  

Denmark is, for instance, funding the first artificial island project capable of harvesting wind power in the North Sea and delivering renewable electricity to about 10 million homes.

The only problem with this is storage, a technology field where Europe is sorely lagging in sheer capabilities and innovation. No surprise that a key part of the Danish VindØ project is attracting partners such as green-fuel producers.    

We'll see before 2030 where this project is going, but I can make up my mind about it. On one side, this is an exciting technology pathway to explore, one that will help Europe potentially create real leadership around renewables. But it also feels too little, too late for our +450 million market with explosive needs for clean electricity.

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