As of February 2024, NVIDIA commands a market capitalization of $1.793 trillion, securing its position as the third most valuable company globally based on market cap, remarkably surpassing Google in valuation (this will change in the next few weeks or days as Amazon might trade slightly better anytime soon).

Market cap is anything but a proxy for the overall market enthusiasm about acquiring a publicly traded company's outstanding shares. It is still a widely used metric for assessing the company's overall worth, and quite a feat for Nvidia to now be ranked in the top 10 of the largest worldwide valuations.

It's worth putting a pin on this information as the race for AI infrastructure builds up...

OpenAI’s Sam Altman Seeks US Blessing to Raise Billions for AI Chips
OpenAI Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman is working to secure US government approval for a massive venture to boost global manufacturing of artificial intelligence chips, an effort that risks raising national security and antitrust concerns in Washington, according to people familiar with the matter.

Note that both TSMC and ASML are more discreetly trailing behind as they are both key bottlenecks for the whole semiconductor industry. China's Tencent is not far, ranking 12.

EDIT - March 10, 2024 ] A recent visualization of where NVIDIA is at...

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