🟢 New Dork City

🟢 New Dork City
Photo by Johnny Cohen / Unsplash

I'm shamelessly stealing the title of a Vox Media podcast about the project of a few Silicon Valley billionaires planning to build a whole new utopian city in California.

California Forever was created to bring back the California Dream. We want to do that by building a new community, solar farms, and a greenbelt of agriculture and habitat in eastern Solano County. Doing so would bring thousands of good paying jobs, new paths to middle-class home ownership in safe, walkable neighborhoods, new sources of clean energy, and stronger county tax base to fund essential services for every resident of Solano County. - California Forever

This project involving Mike Moritz (ex-Sequoia Capital), Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder), Patrick Collison (Stripe CEO), and the relentless Marc Andreessen (a16z) is pretty baffling. To quote The Verge:

A vague website attempts to justify building a new city near San Francisco with pretty pictures and promises of a better life.

The core irony of the project, though? Their ideal city, dreamed from the ground up and pictured in poorly AI-generated frames, looks like what any average American would imagine when hearing the word "Provence" or "Tuscani":

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