Stéphanie and I are regularly delivering strategic keynotes for executive boards in various markets. They all address key issues at stake for specific industrial customers. They are also all wrapped under some form of NDA or another. While it’s always frustrating not to be able to share things, we try from time to time to afford some level of teasing…

Right now, while the hype around self-driving vehicles and AI is building up, it seems that half of the industry is in denial while the other half pushes as fast as possible on its own vertical. In that context, if we all know that innovation always comes from many directions at once and through the unexpected aggregation of it all, very few try to map these collisions and where they are going. Right now my educated guess is that we don’t  see coming a second coming of Cloud Here is the abstract:

As commoditized cloud technologies are now more than ten years old, many « as a Service » businesses have reshaped our reality, and most companies are now taking advantage of these technologies — if only as a new flexible resource. As such, most winners and losers of this first wave of cloud and SaaS are expecting to face calmer years, with tools that are now both robust and at a plateau. This is probably far from the truth. A second wave of cloud technologies is rapidly shaping up, in some cases as an even more deeply integrated and ubiquitous layer bringing APIs to any form of business… and in other cases as a full-stack vertical that can essentially replace an entire value chain on its own. These new perspectives can be challenging to grasp when your company just came to term with the first wave of cloud opportunities and threats, and say, you don’t think that self-driving cars concern you because you’re not in the automotive industry. You probably should be a tad more concerned and start to future-proof your business model!

[UPDATE] With the green light of my customer, here is the full keynote:

The Second Coming of Cloud from INNOVATION COPILOTS

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