In the previous weeks, we covered the "Core Engine" that pushes an invention to the market and maybe makes it stick. Within this engine, we found three main forces or concepts at play: the Hype Cycle, Diffusion of Innovation, and Power laws.

šŸŸ¢ My Big Technology Framework - Part 2. The core engine and dealing with exponentials
For the next few weeks, Iā€™m taking up the challenge of explaining all the mechanisms at play that lead a technological invention to become an innovation in the market. Which is probably more difficult than what physicists do when they try to explain the universe : )

Last week's key takeaway: exponentials are a bitch.

This week, we will gain a perspective on how these core principles initially spread out in a cone of uncertainties, and later, we will discuss how innovation is eventually 'squeezed' out.

At the heart of how invention spreads out into many form factors is the Romanesco effect we discussed many times over: